Hearing Voices

So, this past week, I found myself struggling with my own burnout. I’m experienced and capable as a coach, but my business skills leave much to be desired. To deal with this, I’ve been taking classes, working on my writing, developing the website, actively networking etc. and in the process of all this, I found myself feeling a little overwhelmed and knew immediately I needed to take a break.

I share this because I had a funny epiphany from it all. I realized I hear voices. In fact, I realized we all hear voices, and sometimes we need to be a lot more aware of when they’re talking to us.

Ok, before we go any further, if you are wondering if I’m schizophrenic, I’m not. I don’t quietly mumble to myself, feeling paranoid that aliens are going come out of my desk drawer and suck out my brains. The voices I’m talking about are very normal and part of any healthy mind.


So, what voices do I actually mean? Well, I mean the implied messages we get from other people as well as the messages we tell ourselves. The reason I started to feel burnt out was because I had spent the whole past week getting input on what I needed to do to be on track with my business, and the implied message I was getting was, “you aren’t doing enough”. Throughout the week I had four different mentors telling me areas that my business needed work, and naturally, I eventually just got overwhelmed thinking I had to do a billion things at once.

It’s important to notice these voices, because even when we’re unaware of them, we respond to them. I had no idea that I felt like everybody was telling me to do more, and suddenly I just felt completely overwhelmed when I started looking at my business.

When you become aware of the voices, you can choose which ones you listen to and recognize when you are responding to the wrong message. Once I realized that I felt like everybody was telling me I had to do everything right now, I chose to ignore it. I know developing a business is a slow process, I can’t do it all at once, and my sanity requires that I take my sweet time with things, but I wasn’t able to do anything until I noticed I was thinking unreasonably.

So, the next time you feel stressed or trapped, trying asking yourself, “Am I hearing voices?” It sounds a little weird when you word it that way, but it can help a lot. It’s only when you recognize a bad message, that you can choose to ignore it.

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