Simple ways to make life less hectic: Empty the trash

Many of the secrets to leading a less busy and hectic life are actually surprisingly complicated and require a lot of time and effort to use. Thankfully while the journey to simplicity is long, there are many simple, easy tricks you can do along the way.

This week I want to share one of those very basic tricks you can use. I call it emptying the trash.

The idea of emptying the trash is simple.

Whenever you can’t find something and have to search through piles of junk, throw out trash as you go. So, for example, let’s say you need to find where you put your credit card in your purse, and your purse is filled with stuff. Start searching through your purse, and every time you find something you can throw out or doesn’t need to be there yank it out and set aside. By the time you’ve found what you need, you’ll also have organized and heavily cleaned out your purse.

There are a three reasons this habit is incredibly powerful.

It can applied to a lot of things.

Yes, it can help with purses, but you can also do it with closets, wallets, pockets, and even schedules. In the case of schedules, whenever you struggle to find time to do something, just go through your schedule and start canceling any events you don’t need to attend.

You can keep things organized and easy to find.

People are regularly impressed by how clean my bedroom and car are. Ironically, I almost never actively clean them. I’m just in the habit of throwing things out as soon as I start feeling inconvenienced.

It generates other good habits.

My girlfriend is one of the messiest people I know, and I’ve been helping her become more organized. When I got her into this habit, she noticed a difference in how she handled trash in her car. Instead of just leaving an empty bottle in the car, she felt compelled to use a spare grocery bag she had lying around. Now whenever, she gets bottles, she’ll put them in the bag and then empty it the next time she sees a recycling bin. Chances are other good habits will also show up with time.

So, the next time your life gets crazy, remember that sometimes something small can make a big difference. A habit as simple as emptying a purse, can mean greater organization and many other good habits.

Image provided by Steven Depolo

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