Kathryn Shulz: On being wrong

Kathryn Shulz is in a very unusual field. She is a “wrongologist”, an active writer on humanity’s relationship to the idea of being wrong, and in this talk, she has some major ideas to share.

What I like about Kathryn’s talk is that she points out an issue I’ve noticed about us for awhile now. Human beings have problems with fallibility. We hate being vulnerable, and few things feel more vulnerable than being wrong.

However, when we fail to embrace our fallibility, far worse things happen. We fail to take chances, we fail to try. When you don’t raise your hand to answer a question, you avoid being wrong, but you also fail to have that opportunity to learn from a mistake.

I’ll admit even I struggle sometimes to take chances and be wrong, but it’s something I intend to work on. Ideally, you should never be afraid to make mistakes, because successes usually only happen after you’ve learned from them.

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