The many types of downtime: Keys for a balanced life (Part 1)

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed? It might be because you aren’t giving your enough or the right kinds of downtime. That’s right, I said kinds. There are several types of downtime and starting with this video we’re going to break them down.


Video Description:
After much work and effort this video is finally out. For some reason, the world of AV technology decided to betray me. Every time I tried to record the video, something would go wrong. First time, the camera didn’t focus, then my camera ran out of memory, then I had mic issues. I probably tried to record the whole thing 6-8 times this week.

Anyway, I don’t have much in the way of announcements this week. I had somebody comment that they prefer reading articles over video so, I’m including a rough transcript for those interested. I’m also still working on my secret project, making this video really side-tracked me and I’m hoping it will be ready by the next newsletter.

Rough Transcript:
Hey everybody,
Brandon from heart’s journey coaching here
Today I want to talk to you about the different types of downtime
Now, you might being going

“Whaaat? There’s more than one kind?”

Yes, there is.

In fact, there’s so many types of downtime, I’m going to be putting them into three different
categories. So, let get to it!

So first we have physical care. This is the obvious stuff, like eating, sleeping, drinking

I do however have a warning for you. If you are not taking time for physical care, that should be
a red light for you. This is the most basic form of care, and failure to do it, will end badly. We’re
talking things like heart attacks and stroke. If this is you, seek out professional help before it’s
too late.

Next we have mental care. So, this is the stuff for your mind. In this we have things like veg
time, detox, and self-nurturing.

First let’s look at Veg time. Veg time is what we typically do right after a big day at work or when
we’ve been using our brain a lot. This is when you do stuff like mindlessly click through
Facebook or watch TV.

Now you there’s a very good chance you are thinking. “Watching TV is a total waste of time!
Why would I set aside time for that”

Well there’s a very specific reason.

Studies have shown that as we solve problems and make various decisions, our mind gets tired.
We start making more impulsive decisions. You’ll see stores take advantage of this. The items
that you’ll be most likely to buy on whim will always be by the check out, which where you go
after you’ve wandered a whole store and made 50 different decisions about what to buy.

So, in other words, staring at a TV screen once blue moon is good for you, because it let’s your
brain rest.

Now for detox time. Detox is the downtime you use in the face of stress. This is when you’ve had
a stressful day at work or you just got out of an argument, and you just need to be a lump for
awhile. Detox time is important, because it keeps those stress levels in check, and prevents a

For detox time, you typically want to do something that allows you to relax and forget about the
day. Good sources of detox time are common activities like TV, Facebook, video games, and
reading, but you can also do activities that you are good at. For many people detox time, will be
exercising, playing an instrument, or art. This is because these activities create flow, a mind-
state where you are very present-minded, relaxed, and feel in control.

Then there is self-nurturing. Self-nurturing is something we do when our stress has hit an apex
and we’re having emotional breakdowns. Think having a big break up, and your best friend
comes over with a tub of ice cream. How you self-nurture varies from person to person, but the
general rule is you should be prioritizing your own well-being for awhile and you should be
pampering yourself. Give yourself a day off, treat yourself to something nice, maybe watch a
good movie.

That’s all I’m going to cover in this video. Next week we’ll look at the third category of downtime called mental processing as well as address some common issues and questions people may have.

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