What to expect in “How to Quit Mac and Cheese”

This week I want to share about my book. It’s coming out in only 6 days! Please check it out and get a free Sneak Peek: HeartsJourneyCoaching.com/Mac-N-Cheese

Also keep an eye out, I may be sending out an post this week covering a radio show I attended. If all goes well, you’ll get few more juicy facts about the book.

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Eliminating Your Social Stress: Relationship Maps

Continuing our topics on stress management, we talk about a powerful tool you can use to sort out drama in your relationships and day to day life.

Reminder! My new book, How to Quit Mac and Cheese is now available for pre-order. Check it out here:

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Guy Winch: The case for emotional hygiene

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Eliminating Your Social Stress: Extrovert or Introvert?

This week I finally give you guys everything you need to pre-order my book. We also talk about the terms introvert and extrovert and how they affect your social stress.

My new book on stress elimination called “How to Quit Mac & Cheese: A Guide to Eliminating Stress” is now available for pre-order! Click the following Amazon link to check it out: http://www.amazon.com/How-Quit-Mac-Cheese-Eliminating/dp/1507845766/

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Why the Way We Define Success Could be a Problem

In our society it’s very easy to connect wealth and career with success, but is that how we really should look at things? Check out this video that sheds light on a few issues with how we look at the world.

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Eliminating your social stress: How to effectively talk things out.

Tired of stress “management”? Learn to eliminate your stress instead!

Hey guys! Hope all is well. Last week we talked about healthy conflict why it’s important for having healthy relationships and keeping down your social stress. This week I give you the tools for how to have that challenging conversation when you or the person you are talking to isn’t really listening.

Also, further updates on books. My book is written and it’s called “How to Quit Mac and Cheese: A Guide on Eliminating Stress”. Right now, I’m currently on a quest to find an affordable artist to create a good book cover for me. After that, I’ll be editing and sharing the book with peers to get some improvements. I’m hoping to release the book in maybe 2 months.

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Eliminating Your Social Stress: The difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict


This week we look at forms of social stress and in particular, why you might want to have to have more difficult conversations. It can be easy to have a lot of anxiety about social conflict, but don’t let that prevent you from having healthy discussions.

Also, in other news, I’m currently writing a free ebook. Right now, I’m hoping to be done with my first draft sometime next week. The book’s tentative title is “How to quit eating Mac and Cheese: a Guide to Eliminating Stress from Your Daily Life”. Stay tuned for more updates on this as I get further along with the writing.


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Pico Iyer: The Art of Stillness

If you have ever been unsure whether something like stress management is for you, Pico Iyer explains very eloquently why giving yourself empty time to appreciate and reflect is utterly vital to living a meaningful life. Listen to him as he shares an incredible journey of discovering the space between moments and it’s amazing value.

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Kare Anderson: Be an opportunity maker

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Does Being Busy = Being Happy?

Have you ever noticed that you seem to be happier when you are busy? Today we look whether being busy is the key to happiness or if there is something more to our busy nature.

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